Claws – I’ve moved to it.

I have been hearing a lot about an email client called Claws that’s giving Thunderbird a run for its money. Being a big fan of Thunderbird, I couldn’t hold myself anymore and decided to finally try it out this weekend. Much to my surprise I’m not planning to move back to Thunderbird.

Claws isn’t a feature enriched email client. It definitely is extensible via plugins just like Thunderbird, though the number of plugins available is limited. It is an elegant, fast and highly configurable email client. Every action in Claws has a keyboard shortcut which is a delight to the power user. A couple of dozen themes does help the user decide how she/he likes her/his eye candy. I personally fell in love with Claws for its minimal resource usage and load up speed and most importantly how efficiently it gets the job done. I do not say that Claws is the best available email client, but I’m sure that there are a hell lot of users who are wasting resources for no practical reason by being content with their current email client. Give Claws a try, who knows you may too get hooked to it.