Move to another Distro…

I’m practically bored after using Ubuntu as my primary OS for a few years now. One of the reasons maybe because I’ve heard there exists something better to suit my needs, It’s no fun waiting for 6 months to get the latest features and then realizing that the OS won’t upgrade to the latest version as expected. I hate re-installations just as every other computer user. Ubuntu is an excellent distro (much better than many others in the same league), it’s just time for me to try something more convenient.

To cut a long story short, I’m planning to move to Archlinux. From the numerous articles I have read about this distro I’m sure the initial setup wont be easy, but in the long run worth every bit the effort.

From the Arch wiki “Arch provides a minimal environment upon installation, (no GUI), compiled for i686/x86-64 architectures. Arch is lightweight, flexible and simple. Its design philosophy and implementation make it easy to extend and mold into whatever kind of system you’re building- from a minimalist console machine to the most grandiose and feature rich desktop environments available. Rather than tearing out unneeded and unwanted packages, Arch offers the power user the ability to build up from a minimal foundation without any defaults chosen for them. It is the user who decides what Arch Linux will be.”

With Arch you would never require to reinstall your OS and still be using the latest packages. Isn’t that tempting? For starts, I have checked the availability of all the packages that I would require and have downloaded an iso image of this distro.

I could go on and on about this distribution, I’d rather do that once I have the OS up and running.

I only hope it does not take as much time as LFS to get the GUI up and running. Wish me luck 🙂

Note: The logo that is used in this post is the old Archlinux logo. The new one looks pretty impressive.


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  1. Try Linux Mint 8 Helena

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