Enlightenment e17 Installation

Yesterday I installed Enlightenment e17. I had heard a lot about Enlightenment e17, had seen a lot of screensots (http://linux-blog.org/uploads/e17sky.png, http://linux-blog.org/uploads/emblem.png, http://themes.freshmeat.net/screenshots/31604/, http://swik.net/screenshots+linux) and found them impressive. After a lot of searching I got all the packages for ubuntu edgy (6.10) from http://seerofsouls. This is a great repository for all the PLF packages for Debian, Ubuntu and Mandriva. The total size of all the e17 packages and its dependencies was about 50MB. Got it all installed perfectly. The moment of truth was when I logged in.

Awesome, gorgeous, sexy, simply superb… boy oh boy this is what everyone who has used e17 was going ga ga about. This is the best window manager I have seen till date. I’m still using the default theme, haven’t changed it yet. Its a bit more heavier than the enlightenment e16.. but for the eye candy its definitely worth it. Not to forget its much much lighter than gnome or kde. The effects are mind blowing, I bet you can use it on a machine with 128 megs of RAM.

The best part of e17 was that it generated beautiful menu’s with all my installed packages. e17 is very modular in the sense you only enable whatever you require and disable the rest which will then not consume any resources in the background. As soon as you turn off all effects you can notice a significant improvement in performance. The configuration and settings are real simple to change, thanks to the lovely gui tools.

There is a very well maintained user guide at http://www1.get-e.org/ along with all the packages and other forums. For all the missing files and libraries visit http://enlightenment.freedesktop.org/.

After a bit of playing around I decided to try beryl with e17, although I knew beryl only works with kde, gnome and xfce. Well the obvious happened, my X server cashed. It would have been nice to see the both working together. I wouldn’t call e17 very unstable because I didn’t experience any crashes. I wonder why the developers still want to say e17 is in its alpha stages. Believe it or not every library for e17 has been written from scratch.. nothing taken from e16. I haven’t come across any file manager, I guess they do not have one. Maybe I’ll use PCMan or Thunar along with e17.

WindowMaker still remains my favourite lightweight window manager (I believe its the lightest)… but I guess I’ll be sticking to e17 on my home machine atleast for a long time.