Ease Of Use

in one of my previous posts i had mentioned ‘ease of use’ which i feel wasn’t the right term to use. ‘ease of use’ or ‘user-friendliness’ i strongly believe varies from user to user. so if u tell me that windows is user-friendly i would disagree. i need a terminal open the first thing i log into my home machine. on windowmaker i’ve set gnome-terminal to open by default as soon as i login. a blend of gui and tui is what i really love. well i’ve also come across users who just cant do it with the gui, and there are the windows users who dont even know that a tui exists (i’m not windows bashing). while working with linux servers its a must to know how to get ur work done only with the tui but on desktops anything will do, infact these days gui is a must. something like konsole and gnome-terminal having the facility to open multiple tabs is what i’d call bonito (arv says).

saying that “windows is user-friendly” or “linux is not user friendly” without adding “in my opinion” to it dosent really make sense.


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