My Last Day With Windows

today i’ve been doing quite a bit of reading to fix problems with tuxguitar and kguitar, 2 of those tools i desperately need to make complete migration happen. i used to use guitar pro earlier… but now i can smell complete freedom coming my way. freedom from multiple reboots, fat32 and ntfs partitions and many other inconveniences.. and finally i’ve settled with a permanent linux distro.. UBUNTU.. superb ease of use for any stupid desktop user.

i’ve got tools for everything i need in linux… especially video encoding, multitrack recording, audio editing, drum machines, comic readers, chm readers, blah blah blah…….. and a hell lot of stuff.

i feel good already. i strongly believe that mark shuttleworth is the name that’s going to replace bill gates’ in the desktop market. and the stuff that he’s coming out with ubuntu’s gonna be a tough competition for redhat in the server market soon.



  1. hi stan,

    congratulations on your full migration. welcome to the club.
    and great to discover a fellow axeman, though i confess i have long gaps of time between one guitar-fest and another in my life…..

    please try ubuntustudio if you’re into playing, as you need low-latency.

    also join me on launchpad in the ubuntustudio section.

    where are you based?
    you could show me some of your riffs.


  2. thanx a lot. i have been waiting for a while to have this lovely moment. while things kept coming and going, i was always waiting for that right time to do the change over. a few things in the OSS world had to reach a stage from where i could start using it for all my needs. now that its happened im happy.
    i’m currently using ubuntu ultimate. and i have installed almost all the apps included in ubuntu studio. guess it dosent make any difference now, right?
    im a bass guitarist and im from goa, and must confess i definitely wont be able to show u any riffing or shredding on a six string guitar hee hee. im much more comfortable with 4 strings. isn’t six strings much more a headache to handle? hee hee im kiddin.
    keep writing in niyam. it was gr8 to have ur comment.

  3. stan,

    ubunustudio is tweaked for low-latency. please install it in a separate partition if you must. you’ll see the difference.

    i have ubuntu feisty in one partition, and ubuntustudio in another.


  4. That’s superb news niyam, hey, could you please guide me to some technical details about this? it surely must be because of some kind of tweaking in the kernel and sound drivers. probably i could achieve the same results by gettin a ubuntu studio kerenl.
    Im only askin this because i have a less disk space to do another install and it would be gr8 if i can manage the same with ultimate for future installs.
    also i didn’t understand what u meant by “join me on launchpad in the ubuntustudio section”

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