Ease Of Use

in one of my previous posts i had mentioned ‘ease of use’ which i feel wasn’t the right term to use. ‘ease of use’ or ‘user-friendliness’ i strongly believe varies from user to user. so if u tell me that windows is user-friendly i would disagree. i need a terminal open the first thing i log into my home machine. on windowmaker i’ve set gnome-terminal to open by default as soon as i login. a blend of gui and tui is what i really love. well i’ve also come across users who just cant do it with the gui, and there are the windows users who dont even know that a tui exists (i’m not windows bashing). while working with linux servers its a must to know how to get ur work done only with the tui but on desktops anything will do, infact these days gui is a must. something like konsole and gnome-terminal having the facility to open multiple tabs is what i’d call bonito (arv says).

saying that “windows is user-friendly” or “linux is not user friendly” without adding “in my opinion” to it dosent really make sense.


How To Start An Overcharged Day

well this morning after i woke up i realised that i had picked up a cd few weeks back and never heard it. so the first thing to do ‘just bloody play it’. it was At The Gates – Suicidal Final Art. a compilation of all their good tracks throughout their career. simply amazing. reminded me of good ol’ college when every day used to start like this.

About the cd although i feel a lot of their good stuff is still missing. it still was gr8. u can really notice the difference in the way the band played initially especially how Tomas Lindberg’s vocals differs in many tracks (i’m not advertising) too bad one of the greatest death metal bands from sweden dont exist anymore. i’ll miss ’em.

anyways a resolution from today…. “no more starting an overcharged day” else i’ll be late for work.

My Last Day With Windows

today i’ve been doing quite a bit of reading to fix problems with tuxguitar and kguitar, 2 of those tools i desperately need to make complete migration happen. i used to use guitar pro earlier… but now i can smell complete freedom coming my way. freedom from multiple reboots, fat32 and ntfs partitions and many other inconveniences.. and finally i’ve settled with a permanent linux distro.. UBUNTU.. superb ease of use for any stupid desktop user.

i’ve got tools for everything i need in linux… especially video encoding, multitrack recording, audio editing, drum machines, comic readers, chm readers, blah blah blah…….. and a hell lot of stuff.

i feel good already. i strongly believe that mark shuttleworth is the name that’s going to replace bill gates’ in the desktop market. and the stuff that he’s coming out with ubuntu’s gonna be a tough competition for redhat in the server market soon.